Whether you work in security, are a social worker, legal agent, regular citizen or student interested in this field, this is the place to find information about public safety within our complex society and about guaranteeing Human Rights of all while taking into account the specific needs and resources of each person, group, or community.  This site aims to provide support for public participation in community development and public safety by fostering mutual trust and co-existence.  We strongly encourage you to enter our Citizen Participation Service now, after all, “Public safety concerns us all”.


This website also provides information and access to the services of our Public Safety Community Program.  If you have problems, fears, or particular concerns related to your or a fellow resident´s physical or psychological well-being, contact us, we may be able to help you. If you are resident of Madrid Central District, you can ask for a personal and confidential appointment via this site.  Ask about possibilities of counseling in English and other languages.


  Why this project?


The Security in Diversity project has been conceived with the objective of responding to issues such as:


-          New demands of the new citizen - who sees Safety as a Right, who wants their individual and collective rights guaranteed, and who demands security services adapted to their needs.

-          A change in profile of a more global and complex society, implying the need to reflect diversity within a public safety policy.

-          A need to improve the level of integration of security services in today's complex communities as well as in social, educational, economic, and health services and policies.


All of this is clearly manifest in Madrid Central District.


In order to reach our goals, we intend to make use of new findings in public security (from fields like Criminology, Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology) which focus on pro-active methods, conflict resolution, descriptions and analyses of crime patterns, the dynamics of each case, increased citizens´ participation, and the use of new information and communication technologies.  Over the past years, social and cultural diversity has become an important factor in social, health and educational services among others. In the field of public security, however, there is also a need to address these issues in more detail.  We are interested in knowing how to better meet the various social and resource needs using integral coordination models and approaches such as total quality, “just-in-time”, and customer relationship management in order to maximizing effectiveness, combine new social and organizational methods, and implement them in the reality of the twenty-first century.


The characteristics of Madrid, especially those of the downtown district, make it a reference with great potential to develop innovative processes in terms of diagnosis and analysis, coordination among management departments, definition of professional profiles, training and implementation of integral intervention methods.   Also, there is a significant demand on behalf of District communities as well as social and security agents, to come up with original intervention proposals to improve the quality of public safety.



Main goal


Implementation by security and social institutions of coordinated intervention mechanisms to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public safety prevention and promotion in Madrid Central District.




  • To describe specific security methods, tools, roles, duties and training programs aimed at improving crime prevention and the promotion of public safety.
  • Designing and implementating specialized training programs based on the present needs of intervention services (security bodies, social services, legal institutions, etc.) in terms of capabilities, following an interdisciplinary model based on social and cultural diversity.
  • Identifying diversity resources for security promotion as a strategy for the development and integration of socially fragmented communities in Madrid and other cities at national and international levels.
  • To facilitate social support for victims, crime prevention and rehabilitation of offenders, to foster a sense of safety and freedom among residents, to help cope with problem and find solutions for persons and groups vulnerable to violence and crime.
  • To provide psychosocial and technical assistance to professionals through a Public Safety Community Center.
  • To promote national and international cooperation in matters related with public security, adapt best practices from other countries and disseminat the results of our project in other cities. To study means of international cooperation to improve public security in each country.

Organization team

Program Director:


Miguel Ángel Gandarillas

School of Psychology, IE University

Campus de Santa Cruz la Real

40003 Segovia

Tel. + 34 921412410



Susana González

Centro Comunitario Casino de la Reina

C/ Casino 3

28005 Madrid

Tel. + 34 915396304