International Cooperation




The international study on good practices in public safety offers an opportunity to develop international exchanges of innovative approaches in terms of research, methodology, and training of public safety agents, as well as creating:

  1. An international network to foster initiatives in security and justice promotion and technical training in urban areas.
  2. A space to share good practices between institutions and administrations.
  3. Bridges of collaboration among European and American institutions to reach international agreemets on public safety policies.
  4. A new field of international developmental cooperation using public safety promotion as a strategy in urban sectors where insecurity and violence hinder development.


Lines of Action


Technical Exchange

This programme has established a space to examine public policies related to public safety (crime prevention, social development, professional training, and urban planning), with experts from collaborating entities. This has allowed them to develop work models and plans, and define the profiles of the new specialists needed to implement the newly designed public safety model (experiences, good practices, etc.)


It has implemented an international training programme through institutional cooperation, offering professionals from the fields of public safety, law, social affairs, and public policies new tools adapted to the diverse and global twenty-first century society.


Methodological development

And lastly, it has implemented simultaneous innovative programmes on public safety with a common structure including the evaluation and follow-up of developed actions.


Technical exchange

A space for analysing public policies related to public safety (crime prevention, social promotion, professional empowerment, and public planning) has been created, in which leaders of the implicated administrations' technical teams and collaborating institution may develop a projection of potential programmes and lines of work on the basis of experiences ad localised good practices.



International Technical Cooperation Programme


of R+D+i in Public Safety


The objectives of this international co-operation and its lines of action are to create an "umbrella" programme harbouring a series of international, bilateral or multilateral projects, of which we can highlight:


International Congress on Public Safety in a Diverse Society


Which took place in Segovia and Madrid from the 19th to the 22nd of October 2011.


International Conference on Public Safety in a Diverse Society


A process of international analysis and consensus on the working methods of a public safety model that contributes to international peaceful co-existence based on the respect of local diversity.