Public Safety Community Program

The “Security in Diversity” project is launching the Public Safety Community Program (PSCP) which provides a range of preventive and promotional services in public safety, with the following objectives:
• To study how to facilitate social integration and empowerment of victims, how to prevent crime through working with offenders, how to promote the sense of security, confidence, and freedom in the neighbourhood, and how to resolve or cope with problems with community, family and professional support.
• To find ways of integrating public safety into residents' services, while promoting civic participation, transmitting values and norms of justice and coexistence.

Description of Services
The PSCP is exploring and implementing a range of community services to the residents of Madrid Central District, including:
• psychosocial support for victims or people who consider themselves at risk. Also, preventive treatment service to offenders or individuals and groups at risk of developing violent or criminal behavior. Psychosocial support service to public safety professionals. All services are free and confidential.

• Public Safety Community Councils, boosting resident participation in assessing needs and in designing intervention measures.

• Community Justice Project. Involvement of residents in preventive processes of justice, seeking to develop a culture of citizenship values, norms and behaviour based on the respect of human rights. Coming up with ways of resolving problems related to coexistence based on the principle of justice. Neighborhood mediation services.

• Community enhancement project. Group and neighbourhood activities to prevent crime and promote public safety through preventive activities and developing tools and values of coexistence.

• International cooperation program on research, development, and innovations in public safety based on international diversity. Promotion of international networks for exchanging information, experiences and best practices in prevention, promotion, and fight against crime.

• Risk Assessment Service. Situational analysis and mapping to identify indicators of dynamics between psychosocial and land factors posing a different likehood of crime. Advice on risk research, management and coordination, and problem solving for professionals entities directly and indirectly involved in crime prevention and the fight against crime.

• Education and training. Programs for specialized community action and public safety profiles.