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Following the Inter-neighbourhood Residents' Colloquium with citizens' proposals with regards to safety neighbourhood per neighbourhood, the summary of the Working Groups' proposals was presented during a meeting of the Mixed Working Commission (experts - professionals - residents) on the 18th of May. During this meeting, an Integral Public Safety and Neighbourhood Management System,


Residents, business owners, professionals, experts and public agents were present at the Mixed Working Commission meeting and brought different views, oppinions and contributions with regards to the proposals presented, especially on the model being defined.


The results were presented to the Regional Meeting on Public Safety in a Diverse Society on the 21st of June where a series of principles and guidelines on public safety adapted to a complexe, technological and constantly changing society were agreed upon. Lastly, all this work came together along with the results of the local meetings carried out in other countries during the International Conference which took place during the International Congress on Public Safety in a Diverse Society (19 to 22 October 2011).



Experts´ Panel

The aim of the Experts´ Panel is to design the methodology to be implemented, based on the information gathered from other professional and community participation groups and from other sources (bibliographic sources, secondary information, interviews, questionnaires…).

The Panel, having an interdisciplinary approach, is open to contribution of experts from different areas, entities and countries.






Ayto. de Madrid. Distrito Centro. Servicios Sociales

Mercedes Portero

Department chief of Social Services

Ayuntamiento de Madrid. Observatorio de Seguridad.

José Muñoz de Tena

Sergeant Municipal Police

Policía Municipal. Unidad del Distrito Centro Norte

Andrés González


Policía Municipal. Unidad del Distrito Centro Sur

Juan Manuel González


Cuerpo Nacional de Policía. Comisaría Central de Seguridad Ciudadana. Unidad de Participación Ciudadana

Amparo Rodríguez


Fiscalía de menores / UCM (Cisneros)

Javier Urra

Forensic psychologist. Doctor in psychology

European Forum for Urban Safety

Roxana Calfa

Project Manager

Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos

Fernando Chacón


Agencia para la Reeducación y Reinserción del Menor Infractor (A.R.R.M.I.)

Carmen Balfagón Lloreda


Centro Integral de Formación en Seguridad y Emergencias. Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Juan Antonio Esteban Santos


Academia de Policía de la CAM

Mª Luisa Vidania Delgado

psychologist of psycho pedagogical cabinet

Academia de Policía de la CAM

C. Nuria Ferrero González

psychologist police training

Academia de Policía de la CAM

Margarita Vidosa González

psychologist police training

Clínica Médico Forense de Madrid

Blanca Vázquez Mezquita


Centro Penitenciario de Segovia

María José Bartolomé Sanz


Institute of Integration and Social Efficacy

Karen van Oudenhoven-van der Zee


IE Universidad

Asunción Calle Esteban

Professor and judicial psychologist

IE Universidad

Javier I. García González

Professor of International Relations

IE Universidad

Manuela Mielgo

professor and social psychologist

University of the West of England

Henry Shaftoe


Facultad de Psicología de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

José Manuel Martínez García

Titular professor and social

Facultad de Psicología de la U. Complutense de Madrid. Dep. de Psicología Básica

Isaac Garrido

Department director